P E N N S Y L V A N I A    S T A T E     P O L I C E


Camp Cadet is, above all, an educational experience

Cadets learn the real world of law enforcement is not like an hour-long television show, but is a democratic system that works for the benefit of law-abiding citizens.

The Camp Cadet experience includes interactive tours of the various components of the judicial system – and how they work in our democracy. Cadets learn about drug enforcement (including a live demonstration of the K-9 officer’s skills), they sit on both sides of the courtroom, meet with the judge and district attorney and learn about fingerprinting, mug shots and probation. The intricacies of the system and its many levels are made all the more real because cadets experience them first hand in the courtroom, in the jail, and at the State Police barracks.

One of the goals at Camp Cadet is to help participants learn more about the numerous, diverse careers available in law enforcement. However, more important than helping the Cadets determine WHAT they want to be when they "grow up", Camp Cadet understands that it's not WHAT you want to be, but WHO you want to be that really matters.